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Making a meaningful difference to the health of your employees

About Us

Kate Eastwell

We work with employers to provide support and practical guidance regarding effective management of sickness absence and other relevant employee health issues.

From our Central London offices we co-ordinate the delivery of occupational health services nationwide, with the overall aim of helping clients achieve maximum staff productivity and meet their legal and statutory responsibilities.

Our services aim to help you:

  • Avoid costly claims by ensuring you meet your legal and statutory responsibilities
  • Comply with Health and Safety and Disability legislation
  • Reduce the costs to your business of staff sickness absence
  • Prevent and remove health risks arising in the workplace
  • Achieve maximum staff productivity by reducing absences due to ill-health
  • Improve the overall health and wellbeing of your workforce
  • Increase your staff retention and productivity
  • Effectively manage employees who are off sick (especially long-term cases) and develop individual return-to-work strategies
  • Introduce cost-effective and proactive health promotion campaigns
  • Address complex stress and mental health cases

Our clients encompass a broad spectrum of sectors but include a significant proportion of professional services organisations including FSA regulated businesses, as well as large corporates and SMEs.

We tailor our services to meet clients’ needs, providing both workplace based as well as off-site occupational health and training solutions.

The Lincoln Occupational Health team is headed by Managing Partner, Katie Eastwell, who has worked with employers in this field for nearly 30 years.