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Making a meaningful difference to the health of your employees

Managing Employee Health Issues

Engaging the services of an Occupational Health specialist will ensure that you have the necessary assistance and support to help you effectively manage employee health issues and sickness absence. A referral may be indicated in the following circumstances:-

  • Where an employee is experiencing frequent, short term absences or a single long term illness
  • Where an employee’s health is affecting their work performance, or where there is a possible work-related ill health
  • If an employee has a behavioural issue which is affecting their performance or a disability that impacts on their ability to do their job

Our occupational health advisers and physicians can provide an independent opinion and advice on any long-term or short-term intermittent health problems and assist your managers by:-

  • Assessing a person’s fitness to work
  • Advising on suitable rehabilitation programmes
  • Giving advice relating to Disability Legislation where appropriate
  • Assessing employees for possible ill-health retirement, if appropriate
  • Supplying you with policy guidance and templates to facilitate the implementation and management of specific areas of Occupational Health

To download our management referral form, please click here.

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