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Diversity & Equality Training

The need for employers and employees to understand best practice and responsibilities associated with diversity and equality in the workplace has become an integral part of workplace management. The diversity and equality agenda includes such areas as gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability.

Programmes are designed to address the widening equality agenda which includes not only anti-discrimination legislation compliance, but also issues of changing organisational cultures and attitudes and identifying, disseminating and encouraging best practice.

We offer a range of training, workshops and seminars, which aim to address the needs of a diverse workforce. For example, seminars which promote a more productive work-life balance and assist employees as they attempt to bridge the gap between work and their personal life. Topics can include support for working parents, carers, achieving women, and various issues which may affect the family network such as sourcing appropriate education for children, separation or divorce.

Please contact us to find out about the full range of seminars which we currently offer, or to discuss your organisation’s particular needs.

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