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Risk Assessment & Management

“A risk assessment is a careful examination of what could cause harm to people in the workplace. A good risk assessment will help avoid accidents and ill health, which can not only ruin lives, but can also increase costs to business through lost output, compensation claims and higher insurance premiums.”

Source: Health & Safety Executive

We offer risk assessments and advice on managing risks in the following areas:

Our service includes, where necessary, helping you to formulate Occupational Health & Safety policies and procedures and supplying templates for your use and implementation in areas such as manual handling, and safe use of display screen equipment, for example.

What are an employer’s legal obligations regarding Risk Assessments?

“Employers have a legal obligation to protect their health and safety and that of their workforce. Regulation 3, of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, requires, among other things, that all employers assess the risks to the health and safety of their employees while they are at work.”

Source: Health & Safety Executive:
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